Badmaash Company movie reviews

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Badmaash Company released today - May 7

Life in the 1990`s was remarkably different for the average Indian. Consumerism had not set in. It was devoid of most of the luxuries of the West. In fact everything “imported” was good, and everything Indian, passé. Badmaash Company is an extraordinary story set in the 1990`s in middle class Bombay (as it was known then), of four ordinary youngsters Karan (Shahid Kapoor), Bulbul (Anushka Sharma), Chandu (Vir Das) and Zing (Meiyang Chang) who came together to start an import business of things longed for by yuppie Indians! What made their venture such a stupendous success was the fact that they found a way to beat the system and soon became the undisputed kings in their business, realising their one dream of making quick money by doing all the wrong things… the right way!

Rediff movie review:

Anushka Sharma, clad in technicolor pants and trying hard to look at ease while showing skin, is painful right from her first shot, where she overacts while chewing bubblegum. And giving her a casually sexy personality — complete with the most wannabe vocabulary of all time, freakin’ screwy stuff, yeah — doesn’t help matters.


Anupama Chopra for NDTV:

Badmaash Company is a proof that the Yash Raj Films formula is irrevocably broken. The posturing stars, snazzy styling, foreign locations, plastic textures and necessary dash of family values simply can’t cut it anymore…..Bulbul played by Anushka Sharma. This is a feisty wannabe model who won’t let any man but her husband or boyfriend pay for her and who has little trouble defending herself when the usual lecherous clients arrive.


Anushka Sharma, Shahid and Chang talk about ‘Badmash Company’

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Anushka Sharma and Shahid Kapoor talk about ‘Badmash Company’ on Zoom Television

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Anushka Sharma - Birthday Celebration

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Badmash Company Highlights

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Bollywood is almost back on track following the success of last week’s release Housefull. Now, the big question is – will this week’s release Badmaash Company pull the film industry completely out of the dark zone? This big film from big banner Yash Raj Films could bring hope to Bollywood. It features Shahid Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Meiyeng Chang and Vir Das in the lead roles.

I’ve been conning my parents: Anushka Sharma IBN Live Interview

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Anushka Sharma’s intereview on IBN Live:

I think I’ve been conning my parents into believing that they have made a great piece and I’m damn good! No I haven’t conned anyone, so it was great doing it in the film! And do it without doing it illegally, in different shots, different lighting! So yea, it was a lot of fun.

Anushka Sharma and I got along really well - Shahid Kapoor

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We were all very young in the cast and we did a lot of outdoor shooting together. I think it’s very important to get along with the people I work with. Anushka, Vir Das, Meiyang Chang and me got along really well. I got myself a Harley Davidson in the US and rode all over the place all on my own.


Badmash Company Trailer - Anushka Sharma and Shahid Kapoor

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I don’t have filmi friends: Anushka Sharma Rediff Interview

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There’s no doubt that Anushka Sharma’s debut film, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, was a smash-hit.
Though the Yash Raj blockbuster was only her first film, the Bangalore beauty looked like a natural actor while starring opposite Shah Rukh Khan. Now Anushka is ready to try her luck with Yash Raj again with Badmaash Company. She stars alongside Bollywood hunk Shahid Kapoor, funnyman Vir Das and Indian Idol crooner Meiyang Chang.

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Anushka Sharma’s second film with Yash Raj Films; Shahid Kapoor as leading man

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Anushka Sharma’s second film with Yash Raj films will have her play Shahid Kapoor’s love interest, it is learnt. According to a report in Midday tabloid,  this film will be directed by Parmeet Seth, actor, best know for his potrayal of Kajol’s fiancee in ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’. Parmeet Sethi is also the writer of the film. (more…)

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